Nope, not at all! But a lot of our registrants like to do it.

Some raise tens of thousands, and some raise a few hundred.

And some just want an easy way to make a small donation on their own.

If you don’t like fundraising the traditional way, you can help by donating a dollar a day until our big event weekend! No need to hit your friends up for money- just fill up your tackiest cookie jar, flamingo mug, or your kid’s plastic toy bank up with your change (and maybe a few greenbacks?) every day.

Without breaking a sweat or begging for a dime, you’ll donate about $30/month and be part of our monthly cashout challenges and can win some great prizes (not to mention earning flamingos and other FlockStar prizes below).

All while having fun and saving lives.

It’s pretty simple, actually. It takes less than two minutes and we guide you through the process step by step.

You can also change your info at any time so don’t stress the details!

Go here to create your fundraising page

Absolutely! Once you’re logged in, just go to your page and you’ll see links to all the editing options right at the top.

It’s simple! Here are the steps:

  1. Click the “Donate” button on your fundraising page
  2. Under “Payment Method” select “Offline Donation”
  3. Enter the donor’s information. Be sure to include their email address so we can send them a tax receipt.
  4. Make the check payable to Pledge the Pink Foundation and add the name of the fundraising page or the full name of the fundraising participant on the memo line
  5. Please mail your check to:

    Pledge the Pink Foundation
    PO Box 3195
    Bluffton, SC

Once we have received the check, we will verify the donation on our website and notify the donor (with a tax receipt) as well as the fundraising participant.

Great question! If you receive any checks prior to October 1, please mail them to us at:

Pledge the Pink Foundation
PO Box 3195
Bluffton SC 29910

Please bring any cash or checks you receive after that to us during event weekend (and thank you!).

Note: Please make all checks out to Pledge the Pink Foundation and be sure to add the fundraising page name or fundraising participant’s full name to the memo line.

Yes, all donations are tax deductible! Donors will get a tax receipt via email.

For those donors sending a check, we will email a tax receipt to them once we have received and verified the check.

You can create or join a team at the same time as creating your fundraising page.

If you want to create or join a team after creating your page, click here >

If you want to edit your team or move to another team, please email fundraising@pledgethepink.com

Yes, they will! Let’s say your personal page has a fundraising goal of $500 (thanks, by the way) and your Aunt Sue makes a $50 donation on your page.

You’ll see that donation reflected on your page and on your team’s page and you’ll both be $50 closer to your goal.

Yes! For the first time ever, we will be giving credit for funds raised on Facebook. To get credit you MUST set up a fundraising page and you must provide us with screenshot confirmation of your total amount raised. Learn more here. 

Yes! However, to give you credit for matching donation, your employer MUST include your name on either the check or the letter that accompanies the check.

Your donors are asked if they want to help cover the fees and processing charges for their donation. If they select “yes”, an additional 2.5% + 30c will be added to their total and will be used to pay the fees we are charged to process credit cards. 

  1. Create a fundraising page here
  2. Fundraise as an individual or as part of a team
  3. Declare you charity(ies) of choice (we will give you more details on how to do this soon, but start by adding your charity(ies) of choice to “Your Story”!
  4. Start bringing in the dough
  5. If you have at least 5k in your personal fundraising account on October 1, we will donate 75% of your funds to the charity of your choice. You can choose up to two charities and tell us how to divide your donation between them. The remaining 25% will be donated to Pledge the Pink Foundation.
  6. If your personal fundraising page does not meet the 5k but you are part of a team that meets this minimum threshold by October 1, we will ask the team captain to name the charities and distribution levels (so you may want to talk to your captains in advance to find out what he/she is fundraising for). Seventy-five percent of the team’s total fundraising efforts will go to the one or two charities of your captain’s choosing. The remaining 25% will be donated to Pledge the Pink Foundation.
  7. Funds will be distributed to your charities between Dec 1 and Dec 15