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Team VIM and Vigor Hilton Head Island

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Team Story

Team VIM and Vigor represents Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Clinic in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Our Team has walked for Pledge the Pink for eight years and we can’t wait for Year Nine – 2023!

Volunteers in Medicine is a free clinic for the medically underserved folks in our area. The VIM Mammography Program assures that all patients who need mammograms will receive them free. That is, in part, due to Pledge the Pink’s generous grants to VIM. VIM has received over $250,000 from the PTP Foundation, over the last several years. PTP funds may also be used to supplement the uncovered cost of treatment, surgical intervention and follow up care for patients with positive mammogram results. VIM is now also providing genetic testing for our female patients, to determine their genetic tendency for breast and other types of cancer. Any patient with suspicious or positive results will receive genetic counseling from Quest Diagnostic’s certified genetic counselors. Subsequent orders and surgical intervention, if needed, are referred either through our health partners or other providers as needed.

Join us on this journey, and support Team VIM and Vigor in our 2023 Walk by making a small donation here! We thank you for your awesome support!

Here are some of the folks who supported us, cheered for us, fed us, or walked with us in past years:
Patty and John Adamiak
Peggy and Tom Allen
Diane and Owen Ambur
Miriam Arvelo
Sally Ayotte
Judy and Lou Baccei
Judy Baker
Nena Balzola
Lauree Barreca
Sheri Berger
Ingrid Boatright
Patsy Brison
Kathy Brookshire
Debbie Brown
Dottie and Kelly Byers
Shannon Byers
Patsy Catania
Jan and Al Church
Carol Clemens
Nancy Contel
Jim and Martha Cooper
Jorie Corrigan
Deserai Crow
Dottie Distelheim
Kim and Steve Dreamer
Judy Dunning
Eileen Durkin
Buck and Karen Edwards
Barbara and Jeff Enrico
Dottie Fein and Al Fetter
Friendly Foodies HHP
Anne Garrette
Jennifer Gatlin
Marge Graham
Dave and Lavonne Hales
Barb and Richard Hammes
Marian Hart
Diana Heitman
Elizabeth Hewell
Beth and Bill Hommes
Polly Hopkinson
Lynne Irvine
Maureen Johnson
Susan Jones
Doug and Sue Kampfer
Pat Kenworthy
Ezz and Schatzi Khalifa
Diane Lacey
Myla Lerner
Anita and Ed Loeser
Anne and Michael Madara
Mary Ellen McConnell
Darlene and Ron Miller
Linda and Richard Moniuszko
Jacque Montgomery
Rich and Tina Moore
Ginger Moran
Erin Byers Murray
Cathy Nairne
John Newman
Sally and Mike Nicastre
Constance Niclas
Romaine O’Ferrall
Lu Pa
Lynne Pellegrino
Peggy Phillips
Lisa Pianta
Diane Polevoy
Neal and Shirlene Post
Charlene Rabb
Alan and Luisa Rains
Cindy Redden
Cathy and Ron Robine
Loretta Robinson
Jeff and Sally Rogers
Kay Roshnow
June Seebon
Gigi Sharper-Moore
Ellen and Jerry Simmons
Terry Simmons
Mirian Sumner
Rita Suntup
Lynn and Brad Taylor
Karen Terry
Marissa Wadsworth
Carol and Jim William
Randie Wolfe
Susan and Paul Wolfe

Team Members

Meet the members of Team VIM and Vigor Hilton Head Island:

$0 raised
of $3,000 goal​
0 donations made
since November 1st, 2023

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